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Do You Need Secure Storage?

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If your company is going through policy changes, or requires each person who’s in charge of an item to have their own place of storage, it’s a good idea to look into key storage systems. Usually storage cabinets with key locks are a very simple concept, but there’s a bunch of new features that could come with key storage cabinets that could make your decision harder.

Most key storage units are extremely reliable and most offer different accessories and upgrades that can improve on your usage of key management, which is extremely necessary in the business world.

The quality of the cabinet’s build and it’s finish make expanding your cabinet easy, especially with the security devices used in most security cabinets.

Most key cabinets are made from 1ml-1.6ml steel. These cabinets come in various sizes, depending on the company size.  These cabinets can either have mechanical keypads or just a usual manual key lock.

The different expansion cabinets have different options, like the size and panel count, so that your company can provide as many keys as they possibly need.

Accessories for security cabinets are extremely useful as well, like an index book in order to know who has used the cabinet. If you have a mechanical keypad, your company will get a tracking software that can manage the cabinet’s usage for the accountability of your coworkers.